a rolling museum

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During summer, this steam train rolls along an old track. Once, this track was used to connect coal mines and steel plants with the industrial inland harbor from where the steel plants got the ore and the coal mined sent the coal. For several decades the track was closed, when a…

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Hurricanes in the Mountains

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Florence brought devastation to the Carolinas, and it will take a very long time for the land and the people to recover.  In the mountains of Southwest Virginia, we were lucky in terms of flooding and power outages.  This image was taken in Nelson County on the day that Hurricane Florence…

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Something Simple

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As I was driving back from Silver Bay, Minnesota where I did some long exposure photography, I noticed these old pier supports and decided to investigate.  They are in a small bay where the Split Rock River runs into Lake Superior.  I really enjoyed how the ice had formed on the…

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We’re Not Ready for Mars

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Justin Nobel | Longreads | September 2018 | 12 minutes (3,068 words) Earlier this year, as the climate crisis continued to spin out of control and our president divvied up our public lands and coastal waters to the oil and gas industry, many of us good happy Americans in the Resistance…

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