Gothic Art in England

ArS Artistic Adventure of Mankind

The Gothic style was introduced in England thanks to the construction of vaults for the monastic temples built during the XII century. At the same time, the Cistercian monks contributed to introduce their own Gothic constructive methods in the monasteries they founded in Great Britain.

But along with Cistercian monks and the architects they employed, in England there were also other lay builders fully trained in the application of Gothic techniques. It is said that one of these builders intervened in the construction in 1174 or 1175, of the metropolitan cathedral of Canterbury, after the fire that on September 5, 1174 reduced to ash most of this temple. In the detailed chronicles of monk Gervasio is told how the French master William of Sens (who had worked on the cathedral of Sens in France) was consulted and suggested to build again the part of the temple that burned completely …

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