Social Insecurity: The real threat to you and your family

Ramblings of an Ordinary Man


This week Jeremy Corbyn stood at the dispatch box and accused the Prime Minister of being in denial over the state of the NHS. Her response was to trot out the usual diversions and weak gags that have typified her premiership.

However, when confronted with a quote from the British Red Cross, who in an unprecedented move had claimed the health service in England and Wales was facing a humanitarian crisis, she was more strident in her response. She accused the well respected charity of overblown and unjustifiable language. After all situations like the obliteration of Syria and people freezing to death in camps across Europe are more deserving of such an honorific, right Theresa?

In truth the Prime Minister doesn’t appear to want to do much about these situations either; proving if nothing else that simply labeling something a ‘humanitarian crisis’ won’t force this government into action, even if…

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