Gothic Art in other European Countries

ArS Artistic Adventure of Mankind

The Gothic art spread through central Europe beyond the Rhine and the Alps reaching Poland and Scandinavia, by then the last confines of the European world. On the banks of the Danube, in Bavaria and Austria, were built three famous Gothic cathedrals: Ulm, Regensburg and Vienna. The cathedral of Ulm (Ulm Minster) was begun in the XIV century, it has five naves supported by cylindrical pillars. The one of Regensburg was built in almost French Gothic style, its rich facade has two towers crowned with fretwork-made arrows, these towers are separated by a triangular pediment that corresponds to the central nave’s roof. The cathedral of Vienna, dedicated to St. Stephen, has three large naves and a very characteristic colored roof. This cathedral was completed in the XV century, and although its most modern parts are covered with complicated vaults, the choir and the crossing were drawn with pure ogival lines…

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