Weekly Photo Challenge; A Good Match Between Mortality & Immortality

Very striking and contrasting, dark earth light sky, dead plant live one


Hey/Hola/Halo, ya’ll!

Now, whether it’s your first time dropping by your new home on wordpress or you are a regular visitor, I want you to know that I’m so grateful to have your company. So please don’t leave without leaving a word behind in the comment section…

As as usual;

I hope you enjoy my photos, for without an audience, a photo is nothing but a play with lights!

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When I was a kid, we had a large map of the world, printed on cheap bluish paper, hung up on one of the walls in our house. I used to stare at that map for hours, bewildered by the variety of strange names and places where things were different, perhaps wilder, more alluring.

As I grew up, there was an island that stood above all else. It conjured the wildest dreams of humongous Baobab trees and vibrantly coloured chameleons…

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