flavors of Mexico City: mole

Back to Spain

By Benjamin Preston, Founder + Blogger, Via Hero

I’m sitting in the dining room of Pujol and all around me people are celebrating — anniversaries, reunions with old friends and trips to Mexico coming to an end. Somewhat of an aberration, I’m sitting by myself. Having been sent to Mexico City for work, I took it as an opportunity to explore the cuisine and culture of Mexico in my free time. This was my last meal in a country that had overwhelmed my palate with a variety of incredible foods. Still, given the location, this meal was sure to be a memorable one. Pujol’s famous mole arrived — a dish of purposeful contradiction. Its simple: Sauce and tortillas, and yet it’s incredible. It’s the food of family meals and at-home fiestas, but it’s being served in one of the most expensive restaurants in Mexico City. More than any other food…

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