Pre-Columbian Art of Mexico, Art of the Oaxaca region-The Mixteca-Puebla

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  1. Art of the Mixteca-Puebla

The Tomb 7 from Monte Albán is one of the richest burial sites ever encountered in pre-Columbian Mesoamerica. The burial included hundreds of exotic objects made in precious materials. Top left: gold necklace. Bottom left: zoomorphic pendants. Top middle: Mictlantecuhtli pectoral with elaborate headdress (Ball game pectoral). Bottom middle: gold mask. Right: Pendant with dates. All artifacts in the Museum of the Cultures of Oaxaca (Mexico).

The Mixtecs are considered one of the most extraordinary artisans of Mesoamerica during the Post-Classic period (1000-1697). They occupied the area of ​​Oaxaca to the valleys of Puebla and Tlaxcala (a complex known by archaeologists as the “Mixteca-Puebla”). In the art of goldsmithing, Mixtecs created works of surprising delicacy, as it can be seen among the numerous objects found in the famous “Tomb 7” of Monte Albán, a Zapotec tomb that the Mixtecs re-used: pectorals decorated with masks of deities…

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