Remembering the Elm

Stories from the Museum Floor

As Manchester Museum’s Extinction or Survival? exhibition is drawing to a close, and in commemoration of the International Day of Forests on 21st March, today’s post by Bryony from the Visitor Team looks at the Elm, once a common tree throughout English countryside, its numbers were sadly devastated with the outbreak of Dutch Elm Disease.

For more about botany, have a look at the Curator’s blog, Herbology Manchester.

Extinction or Survival? is open now, but hurry! It only runs until 20th April 2017. You can join the conversation now at #MMExtinctionSurvival.

Remembering the Elm

The English elm was once the archetypal tree of the British countryside, being the most numerous and one of the most distinctive trees, with a ‘figure of eight’ bough shape, reaching heights of up to 30 metres and towering above many other British trees. Other elms such as the European white elm and…

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