Modernist cod with spring veg

Eater's manifesto

The greater goal of this blog is not only to document and share some of the wonderful dining experiences we are blessed to be able to enjoy, but also to take a little of the mystery of ‘eating-out’ food away. I want to show that, with a little application, pretty much anyone can make restaurant quality food at home.

Well of course just like everything in life, some dishes are more complex than others, and some require specialist equipment to make. I post both : Dishes that are very accessible and easily replicable with some standard pots and pans, and some that will benefit from a few gadgets. This is one of the latter – its a pretty straightforward looking dish but one actually full of modernist techniques (sous vide, super-fine purees, an espuma, a savoury tuile). If you don’t have any of that stuff in the kitchen, dont despair, you…

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