prosciutto sandwich with lemon pesto mayo

Give Me Meatloaf

Hiya friends! I took a little break last week from posting because I headed back to Saugatuck with two good girlfriends for a lovely weekend getaway. We had some roaring fires, made delicious burgers on the grill and I rediscovered my love of puzzles (seriously though, I’m going to puzzle so hard from here on out). I already can’t wait to go back – there really is nothing better than a cabin in the woods.

When I got home from the trip Sunday afternoon I wanted the relaxation to keep on rocking, but a girl’s gotta eat – so for dinner I thought I’d throw together something quick and easy. I bought the yummy ingredients below and made a simple, tasty sandwich that Dave and I both really loved. I think he ate four of them last week. They good.

Italian bread or French roll
1/4 cup mayonnaise

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