Lamb and Almond Kebabs with Coriander Oil and Tzatziki

It has been a while since I had TZATZIKI, I forget it’s taste, if I could not get TZATZIKI Could I make do with humous?

Wish to Dish

Hi, hello! Congratulations on making it through another week – how is it April already?!


I have always been a fan of DIY finger food: serving up a mish mash of little dishes and letting your guests/ family/ friends pick and chose what they wish to eat. It is a sociable and generous way of eating that is celebrated in many cultures: Spaniards share a selection of tapas in bars for example and it is commonplace in India to have a vast spread of curries and rice dishes to chose from. Today I am applying this “pick and chose” principal in this kebab recipe. An aromatic lamb kebab infused with ginger, cumin, paprika and ground almonds that is served with optional wraps, sauces, seeds and vegetables. When I served this to my boyfriend he shunned the pomegranate seeds and salad leaves but ate many a kebab, whereas I am all…

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