Pad Krao Pao (Pork Stir Fry)


Wish to Dish

A taste of Thailand…


Travelling is undoubtedly the best (though definitely not the cheapest) way to gain culinary inspiration: sampling new flavours, techniques and traditions enriches your experience not only whilst on holiday but also through bringing those new ideas back to your kitchen at home. I travelled to Thailand with my family  last summer and was greeted by such an amazing cuisine: simply and lightly prepared food that is filled with a multitude of aromatic and spicy flavours.

Pad kra pao was possibly my favourite dish so, obviously, I recreated it once I got home and I am sharing my take on it with you today. Traditionally the key component of this dish is thai basil but it is not the easiest herb to obtain in England so I have used a coriander and basil combo which works just as well (apologies if this is offensively inauthentic!).  It is…

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