Spiced Honey Roasted Hasselback Carrots

Looks Chiefly ( i struggled with the alliteration)

Wish to Dish

If there was ever a way to serve carrots this would be it….


Turning vegetables from a boring, over boiled side to something that you could serve as the main event at a dinner party and be happy about it is a borderline hobby of mine. My mum has a “half a plate of veg” policy when it comes to meals – meaning that at least half her plate must be covered in some form of vegetable (she is a healthy person not a high maintenance person I promise). This created a need to think of more imaginative ways of serving vegetables than merely slicing and steaming them…. I already have one blog post dedicated to this cause:

Feta Rosemary Sweet Potato Fries, Moroccan Corn and Chili Garlic Brocolli

But I was inspired by the current instagram food fad of hasselback potatoes and have created another fun vegetable side dish for…

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