Springtime Store-cupboard Spaghetti

Scrumptious your alliteration was better than my first attempt on the carrot dish. XX

Wish to Dish

All about that alliteration…


Okay so I actually did share this recipe for more than the alliteration in it’s title I promise! All of the ingredients used in this (minus the fresh parsley I imagine) can probably be found in the average kitchen: tuna, pasta, lemons, tomatoes and some form of bean. They come together to form this healthy-ish Mediterranean inspired pasta that can be whipped up in no more than 15 minutes. Basically it is the answer to any mid week cooking crisis when you have run out of food but cannot be bothered to run to the shop to pick anything up.

Go ahead and substitute out any ingredients that do not tickle your fancy or just ignore them all together. I always use recipes as inspiration or a template that you can bring your own ideas and requirements to so here are a few variations you may…

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