Eilean Donan Castle

Awesome pics.

The World according to Dina

You surely can imagine how much we fairies like castles. Do you know why? We like to chat with ghosts. So we went utterly excited towards the bridge to Skye, where we visited the dream-castle Eilean Donan. It’s the most photographed point in the whole of Scotland.

We were afraid that most of it was taken away from all this picture-taking. We wanted to meet the ghost of poor Alexander Mackenzie, Chief of Kintail, who was condemned to go to school because he was taking part in a revolt in the 15. c. But, as we suspected, all the tourist had chased him away.

Ihr könnt euch sicher vorstellen, dass wir Feen Burgen lieben. Wisst ihr warum? Wir unterhalten uns gerne mit Geistern. Also fuhren wir aufgeregt zur Brücke zur Insel Skye, wo das Traumschloss Eilean Donan liegt. Es gehört zu den meist fotografierten Motiven Schottlands. Wir waren schon ganz bange…

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