Finished Sketch

Chaotic Shapes


Here is the Finish sketch, I added some color, but I’m only going to show you this for now.

The color could give away the answer, plus showing you the complete sketch with no color is always interesting. You see, every detail in the sketch.

Sorry to sidetrack, but I just had an interesting thought, here It is.

I just thought of this right now.

The sketches of the drawing are the skeletons and the color is similar to flesh.

We are created upon the inside, thus being the sketches. The sketches create us as a person. The colors of life create our flesh, the beauty on the outside. Just like this world.

The colors on the outside show beauty and much more.

Without color our world would just be a bunch of skeletons. Hopefully someone understands what I just said.

Maybe I just confused myself.

Now here, I let…

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