Lyskentyre Beach

The World according to Dina

South Harris, Outer Hebrides. Everyone advised us to visit Lyskentyre, so off we went. Dina was speeding first in her white Jaguar and Siri and Selma were slowly following in their VW camper van. Would Dina not have stopped frequently for taking pictures, she would have darted off out of sight of our dear Bookfayries. But in the end we all stayed together reaching Lyskentyre.

Wir näherten uns Lyskentyre. Dina brauste vorweg in ihrem weißen Jaguar und Siri und Selma schlichen hinterher in ihrem VW Bus. Würde sie nicht ständig zum Fotografieren stoppen, wäre sie längst unseren lieben Feen davongefahren. So also ging’s gemütlich durch karge Landschaft.

The grey sky reached almost down to the barren landscape. But then, what a surprise, a beach looking a bit like the Caribbean sea appeared. Dina was so taken by this view that she braked hard (Siri and Selma nearly run into her)…

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