After the Bees

Stories from the Museum Floor

Today’s post is by Deborah from the Visitor Team at Manchester Museum who takes a look at the current exhibition, After the Bees.

After The Bees: A heartbeat before the Apocalypse

“If the bee disappeared off the surface of the globe then man would only have four years of life left.”

Responding to these unsettling words, artist, photographer and filmmaker, Megan Powell explores the consequences of a world without bees. The bee is the symbol of the city of Manchester, adopted by the Victorians; seven bees were incorporated into the city’s coat of arms in 1842 – so perhaps Manchester, of any city in the UK, should be particularly concerned about the dramatic decline in the country’s bee population.

Art has long been influenced by nature and Megan Powell has delved into the fabric of the Hive and used the correlation of the human form with the effects humans have on the planet to…

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