Alsace: Back To France, Surprise, Surpise!

Two Fat Americans

If you haven’t noticed by now, we kinda really love being in France. It’s definitely our thing, and to say we feel at home once we get there is an understatement. One of the best things about France is it’s location in Europe. On our many trips here we’ve been to the beautiful, sunny, warm Côte d’Azur, the mountainous warm fields of lavender in Provence, the cold highlands near Roquefort with its famous sheeps milk Bleu cheese, the Atlantic coastline near Bordeaux up to Normandy where the climate changes from warm breezes with vineyards to craggy coastlines with cold water. Then of course there is the eternal city of lights, Paris, which we can go to multiple times and see something new even after going many times.

This blog post is about a different area though, one that we are visiting for the second time, Alsace. This enchanting eastern part…

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